Me & My Cyberstalkers

Dear Friends,

If you follow me on twitter, you may have been contacted by “Jason Todd” and “Not Pat Dunaway” pointing to their anonymous blog in order to try to convince you that I am corrupt. They are going through my list of twitter followers and those who have re-tweeted any of my blogs or posts. I want to let you know who they are and who is commenting on their blog.

One appears to be an alcoholic who committed fraud by getting a dog from the Nevada Humane Society under false pretenses, drugging and then killing the dog. That earned her a restraining order. Her name is Ardena Perry. Learn more by clicking here.

One is alleged to have abused her dog and perhaps even her children. I was brought in to change the killing culture in a city that contracted for animal control with a shelter she worked with and which she defends to this day—a shelter with algae covered water bowls, that returned a dog set on fire back to his abuser (they did not want to pay to board him pending the criminal case), and whose animal control officer beat a puppy with a baton (and was not terminated). Her name is Pat Dunaway. Learn more by clicking here.

Both defend the right of shelters to kill and are working to have them kill even more. And because I’ve dedicated my life to ending that killing, they are attacking me. By saying, alternatively, that I make a comfortable living consulting with shelters and that I don’t make much money so my father-in-law has to help support us; that I am a radical “animal rights extremist” who wants to spay/neuter animals out of existence and that I am a defender of puppy mills who hates spay/neuter. In other words, no matter how contradictory their claims, they are throwing any argument they can think of in the moment to see what sticks.

They also claim that No Kill equals hoarding. They claim all dogs labeled “Pit Bulls” are dangerous and should be killed. They defend PETA’s mass slaughter, the ASPCA’s killing of Oreo, Best Friends’ refusal to support Oreo’s Law so that they could raise money in New York City, and HSUS’ killing of the Wilkes County dogs.

For these reasons, they are not getting much traction beyond being a nuisance. Moreover, even though I know who they are because some of them have a long history of cyberstalking me, they blog and comment anonymously. That is the refuge of the coward and the liar. By contrast, I sign my name to everything I write. And while they defend killing, I have dedicated my life to ending it. That is also why their anonymous blog has a total of zero followers, while mine has 33,042 links to it (at least that is what my domain provider tells me).

You can learn more about them by reading my prior blog post, The Confederacy of Dunces, by clicking here.

I am sorry if you are being harassed. But if we weren’t making an incredible impact, if we weren’t winning the war to save the lives of animals they are determined to kill, if No Kill was not sweeping the nation thanks to all of our collective hard work, they wouldn’t feel the need to lash out as they are. This is what all social movements go through: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” So I hope you will choose to look at their harassment the same way I do: it means we are one step closer to victory.


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