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The Ball is in Ed Sayres’ Court

Despite the fact that the ASPCA’s opposition to Oreo’s Law has nothing to do with the merits of the bill and everything to do with ASPCA President Ed Sayres’ own unethical motivation, Assembly Member Micah Kellner, Senator Tom Duane, and a growing list of cosponsors have amended Oreo’s Law to win over any opposition.

The law has been amended to:

  1. Exclude dangerous dogs;
  2. Release a shelter of any liability for animals transferred to rescue groups;
  3. Exclude rescue groups with charges or convictions involving neglect, abuse, or dog fighting;
  4. Provide   notice to rescue groups of animals scheduled to be killed; and,
  5. Require rescue groups to take custody of the animal within a reasonable period of time.

This addresses all of the ASPCA’s alleged “concerns.” If Sayres has any integrity, he would withdraw his opposition and embrace the bill because of the potential to save thousands upon thousands of animals across the state.

Indeed, any group who continues to oppose Oreo’s Law—or any group who fails to champion Oreo’s Law, as amended—does not have the best interest of animals at heart. They are taking the position that shelters should kill animals, despite a lifesaving alternative at virtually no cost to taxpayers.

Find out who supports Oreo’s Law by clicking here.

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Another 5-Star Review for Irreconcilable Differences

Midwest Book Review just published a review of Irreconcilable Differences calling it a “must read” and slamming the “inhumanity” of killing homeless animals.

Find out why The Bark, Animal Wise Radio, and No Kill leaders like Bonney Brown call Irreconcilable Differences “clear and rigorously reasoned,” “excellent reading,” “a real page turner,” “the perfect follow-up to Redemption,” and a “grand slam” by “the voice of America’s displaced pets and the conscience of the animal sheltering industry.”

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No Kill Conference Sold Out

Barely a month after announcing it, and almost six months in advance, the No Kill Conference has sold out, a testament to the power of compassion, the strength of the movement, and the draw of its list of excellent speakers.

The Butcher of Norfolk

Killed by PETA & thrown away in a supermarket dumpster

As we roll toward March, it is almost time when PETA publishes it annual killing statistics for the prior year. In 2008, they announced a staggering 96% rate of killing. That sparked calls for the state to reclassify PETA from a “shelter” to a “slaughterhouse.” The total body count from 2000 – 2008: 19,326. Once the 2009 figures are released, the number will skyrocket past 20,000: that’s roughly 2,000 animals a year that PETA has killed every year for the last decade; or over five animals killed by PETA every single day of the last ten years. While No Kill was coming into its own and shelters across the country were saving better than 90% of all animals on a fraction of their budget, PETA continued to move sharply in the other direction. PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk spent the decade not only attacking No Kill, but actively seeking out animals to kill (roughly 90% of them).


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