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My Message to PETA After Receipt of Their Recent Subpoena

In response to PETA’s subpoena demanding I turn over all communication I have had with former PETA employees who have recounted in detail the ways and means by which PETA slaughters roughly 2,000 mostly healthy dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, and other animals every year, I want to make my position clear. In case there was any doubt at PETA that this or any other donor-funded strong-arm tactic designed to silence me and infringe on my First Amendment right to free speech will work, PETA should be aware of the following:

I will never stop exposing the truth about the animals PETA kills and the lies PETA tells to hide that killing until PETA stops killing animals and lying about it.

I will never stop exposing the hypocrisy of those groups and individuals who claim to be a part of the animal protection movement but provide PETA the political cover and therefore the legitimacy it uses to continue hurting animals—by inviting the architect of PETA’s killing agenda, Ingrid Newkirk, to speak at their conferences (as Direct Action Everywhere has done), by providing Ingrid Newkirk a forum to amplify their lies (as Plant-Based News has done), by inducting Newkirk into their sham “Animal Rights Hall of Fame” (as Farm Animal Rights Movement has done).

If PETA wants me to stop publicizing the killing PETA does, it would be very simple to get me to do so. They need to:

  • Stop injecting thousands of animals every year with a fatal dose of poison.
  • Stop taking people’s pets and killing them.
  • Stop trapping and killing healthy animals.
  • Stop telling shelters and legislators to kill all pit bulls and community cats.
  • Stop supporting breed specific legislation which results in the round up and killing of dogs.
  • Stop undermining the efforts of those of us trying to protect animals in shelters when we wage political and legislative reform efforts to save their lives.
  • Stop degrading the animal protection movement by holding it hostage to its depravity, thereby encouraging those in leadership positions at other organizations to not only defend the very thing the animal rights movement was founded to combat—the killing of animals—but to keep an entire generation of animal activists ignorant and misinformed about the potential for all species of non-humans embodied in the No Kill movement’s profound success.

Because short of the grave, PETA no longer hurting animals is the only thing that will ever stop me from telling others the truth about what it is PETA employees do to thousands of puppies, kittens, and even rabbits, chickens and other animals, each and every year.

Ingrid Newkirk, Daphne Nachminovitch, Jeffrey Kerr, Community Animal Project employees and every other PETA employee, Board member, lawyer, and donor whose participation or support of that organization sustains an infrastructure responsible for the yearly slaughter of thousands of innocents, know this: spreading lies about me and attacking my First Amendment rights will not silence me, nor will threatening me with subpoenas to get me to reveal confidential informants.

My commitment to the rights of non-humans to be free of harm, and therefore my resolve, are made of far sterner stuff than people who kill animals, or defend and enable those who kill them, can possibly imagine.

The truth shall out.



If you support my efforts to expose an ever widening audience to the truth about PETA and to demand greater accountability from public officials tasked with oversight of PETA, please help me pay my legal fees in this matter by  clicking here  (though note that donations to this fund, while very much needed, are not tax deductible).