No Kill Conference 2013


One morning after Tompkins County, NY became a No Kill community, a woman brought in a stray cat she had found. She explained to me how this was the first time she had ever brought an animal to the shelter. In the past, whenever she found an animal in need, she took the animal home. She explained how she often felt overwhelmed by the amount of animals she had to care for, but she didn’t have a choice because the shelter would have killed any cats she found and brought in, something she would never allow them to happen. She then expressed relief and gratitude that Tompkins County was now No Kill, and had a shelter she could turn to for help.

How would you like to live in that kind of community? How would you like your bathroom to be your bathroom again, instead of a kennel for injured animals you’ve found? How would you like to wake up and drink a cup of coffee, rather than first spending an hour medicating sick animals you have found? Of course you can always still do those things, but it doesn’t have to all fall on you. Join me and dozens of other speakers at  No Kill Conference  2013 as we show you how to build a No Kill community.

Workshops for everyone: shelter staff, Board members, rescuers, lawyers, activists, and other animal lovers.

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TODAY is the last day to get an early registration discount. If you are with a shelter or rescue group or are a student, there are additional discounts. If you are a municipal shelter director, you can get in free. But only if you register today. (Professional education certificate and continuing legal education credits are available).

No Kill Conference 2013
Washington, D.C.
July 13-14, 2013


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