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Wayne Pacelle: Dog Abuser Deserves a Second Chance; Abused Dogs Do Not

Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, wanted each and every victim of Michael Vick put to death. He lobbied the court to kill them. Pacelle believed they did not deserve a second chance.

Wayne Pacelle wanted each and every victim of dog fighters in Wilkes County, North Carolina put to death, including puppies born in the shelter after their mothers were “rescued.” He lobbied the court to kill them. Pacelle believed they did not deserve a second chance.

Wayne Pacelle suggested that the dogs rescued from dog fighters in Missouri and other states be put to death, as well.

Wayne Pacelle does not believe in second chances for abused dogs. But he does believe in giving dog abusers and dog killers second chances. Pacelle recently became a spokesman and HSUS has become a P.R. agency for the most notorious dog abuser of our time.

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S.F. Animal Lovers Continue No Kill Fight

With the Animal Welfare Commission waffling and savable animals still being killed, San Francisco animal lovers continue their fight for shelter reform legislation which will mandate a No Kill San Francisco. Although many No Kill advocates are increasingly pessimistic that the Commission will rise to the occasion, all of them pledged to continue the fight to save San Francisco’s neediest animals and have begun taking it directly to the Board of Supervisors.

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Dog Lover With Passion for Saving Lives Wanted

The Nevada Humane Society is leading an incredible lifesaving initiative which is saving 93% of all dogs, despite a countywide intake that is five times the rate of San Francisco, three times the rate of Los Angeles, and over two times the national average. (They are also saving roughly 90% of cats!)

The person in charge of their dog saving effort has left to become the Director of Operations for the Pennsylvania SPCA. The Nevada Humane Society is looking to fill those big shoes and they want you—if you are committed to the No Kill philosophy, have a passion for saving lives, and the skills to see it through at one of the nation’s premier animal shelters.

Read the job description by clicking here. (If you want to apply, send a cover letter and resume to

No Kill Equation Invasion of Australia

Next month, I am heading “down under” for the No Kill Equation ground invasion of Australia. An airstrike of 800 free copies of Redemption for rescue groups and shelters has softened the ground for the inevitable victory. Their national animal shelter conference is on the Gold Coast at the end of September and includes four workshops by me: Saving All the Lives At Risk, The No Kill Matrix, TNR, and Reforming Animal Control.

Going Under the Radar

I just came back from an onsite assessment of a shelter in Texas and have signed on to help create a shelter in the Northeast. Combined with the Australia conference, followed by the Best Friends conference in October, my second book going into print and coming out by Christmas, and the third under production but facing a deadline, I am going to be under the radar for awhile.

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