For now, just some calendar items and a photo of a beautiful boy.

Free Copies of Irreconcilable Differences

Every day in October starting today, October 1

Starting today and every day for the month of October, No Kill Houston is giving away a free copy of Irreconcilable Differences: The Battle for the Heart & Soul of America’s Animal Shelters.

Learn more and enter to win by clicking here.

Nathan Winograd UNLEASHED

Every Sunday starting October 3

Animal Wise Radio is now Animal Wise Radio Network, streaming 24/7 to your computer or mobile phone, including a brand new segment “Nathan Winograd UNLEASHED.”

From Animal Wise Radio Network:

Every Sunday, Nathan Winograd will be UNLEASHED on Animal Wise Radio Network. Immediately following the LIVE Animal Wise Radio broadcast, Nathan with join us on the new 24/7 Animal Wise Radio Network for 30 minutes of uninterrupted, commercial-free and unrestrained conversation. This week, Nathan will discuss leadership in the animal welfare movement. What does real leadership look like and why is it so lacking in many shelters?

What are the hallmarks of leadership? Why are they in critically short supply in shelter directors across the country? Why has sheltering resulted in survival of the meanest? And why do YOU hold the key to a No Kill nation?

Tune into the conversation LIVE Sundays at 2:00 PM Central by clicking here.

A No Kill NYC?

October 3

What would it take for NYC and other communities to become No Kill? I’ll be the guest for the full hour this Sunday afternoon at 1 pm PST on The Talk of New York AM 970. It is the Dogs in Danger Radio Hour.

Learn more and/or listen live by clicking here.

Building a No Kill Community

Ft. Lauderdale, FL on October 9

I am taking time off the road in 2011. These are the last two opportunities to join me for an inspirational multi-media presentation on Building a No Kill Community, followed by a book signing:

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL. October 9, 2010. (Joined by Mike Fry, Bonney Brown, and more…)
  • Farmington, NM. November 20, 2010.

For more information or to register, click here.

Bringing the Revolution to Your Home

One Friday every month starting October 22

Animal Ark, Minnesota’s premier No Kill shelter, and the No Kill Advocacy Center will be teaming up to offer a monthly series of low-cost webinars to help shelters, rescue organizations, private citizens, and municipalities learn more about and begin implementing the programs and services of the No Kill Equation.

To learn more and/or to register for an upcoming webinar, click here.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

Top-Top as a puppy after I adopted him from the San Francisco SPCA back in 1999. He was my sidekick for over 11 years.

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