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Meritless PETA Lawsuit on Verge of Collapse

One of the healthy puppies killed by PETA, after PETA staff promised they would find a home.

For more than two decades, I have been working to expose the grisly truth about PETA: that far from being a voice for the rights of animals as is commonly believed, employees at PETA headquarters in Norfolk, VA commit daily violence against them, injecting thousands of healthy puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and other animals every year with a fatal dose of poison, often after acquiring such animals through trapping, lies, and outright theft. At least 32,744 animals so far have fallen victim to PETA’s dark and deadly impulses. It is only by exposing the deadly, gut-wrenching reality about what is happening at PETA that we can ever hope to bring PETA’s atrocities against animals to an end.

Recently, they filed a meritless lawsuit against four individuals in order to (try to) intimidate critics into silence. The lawsuit alleges a grand, paranoid conspiracy that includes various “co-conspirators” including a family who they paid $49,000 after they were caught on surveillance video taking and killing their dog (Maya), the Attorney General’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and various others, including the No Kill Advocacy Center, my organization, and me.

The reason PETA is afraid to sue me directly is that doing so would allow me to depose Ingrid Newkirk and the acolytes who do her bidding under penalty of perjury and to seek documents demonstrating that PETA intentionally seeks out to kill animals and that those animals are healthy and adoptable.

Instead, I am listed as a “co-conspirator” giving them the ability to issue a subpoena in order to (try to) seek the names of my confidential informants who work at PETA, without allowing me to demand documents and depositions of PETA employees in return.

Although I can’t demand those documents and depositions, the named defendants they are suing can and that is what they have done. Two of the three named defendant filed a motion with the court to compel PETA to provide information under oath. As predicted, PETA cut and run. They responded by dismissing the case against them rather than providing those documents and testifying. That proves three things:

  1. They have something to hide;
  2. They admit their lawsuit is without merit; and,
  3. The lawsuit was for purposes of intimidation and harassment in an attempt to silence critics.


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