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PETA Arrives in Houston

The animals caught in Hurricane Harvey’s path have survived the most punishing storm and torrential rain in U.S. history. This includes not just dogs:

And cats:

But squirrels:




And even ants:

But some of them will not survive PETA.

The photo is of the signature white van of PETA’s Community Animal Project. This is the type of van — and may actually be the same van — that:

Rounds up and kills healthy cats and kittens:

Takes and kills beloved family companions:

Is  responsible for death rates as high as 96% for dogs and 99% for cats:

Rounded up animals in North Carolina by promising to find them homes only to kill them within minutes in the back of the van:

Resulted in the deaths of animals who survived a 2016 Louisiana storm;  and has a primary mission  to gain custody of animals by any means necessary — including trespassing, stealing, and lying — in order to kill those animals.

It is now in Houston, TX, rounding up animals. PETA calls it a “rescue team.” But if history is any guide…


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