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Protesting the Protesters

This week, this full page ad ran in the East Bay Express  to protest the fact that Ingrid Newkirk, the Butcher of Norfolk, has been invited to the Bay Area to give the keynote address at an upcoming conference sponsored by Berkeley-based group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

DxE claims “that every animal has an equal right to be safe and happy and free,” but they do not believe that applies to the animals Newkirk and PETA butchers. Tragically, all of the evidence that has been repeatedly provided to DxE about the terrible harm inflicted by PETA on thousands of dogs and cats every year, and the pleas of over 10,000 animal lovers who have signed a petition asking DxE to uninvite and disassociate with PETA in light of that killing has not stopped them from collaborating with and promoting that organization:

Newkirk may be a different kind of butcher than DxE is used to protesting, but she is a butcher just the same.

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