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Rest In Peace, Maya

Today is the anniversary of PETA’s taking of Maya from her home and her illegal killing just a few hours later. On October 18, 2014, two PETA representatives  backed their van up to the porch
and threw biscuits to Maya, who was sitting on her porch, trying to coax her off the property and give PETA the ability to impound her as a stray dog “at large.”

In Virginia, PETA is licensed as an “animal shelter.” But Maya refused to stay off the property and after grabbing the biscuit, ran back to the safety of her porch. One of the representatives went onto the property and took Maya. Moreover, Virginia law requires dogs to be held for five days before they can be killed by “shelters.” It also requires private shelters like PETA to notify the municipal animal facility of any “stray” dogs they take in. PETA would do neither. Within hours,
Maya was dead. PETA had killed her with a lethal dose of poison.

I wrote a book about Maya’s killing. It is dedicated to her and the 32,743+ other animals PETA rounded up to kill, including healthy puppies and kittens also taken from their homes. It is available for free download today on Amazon today.

I am currently in a court battle against PETA which is seeking the names of PETA staff who spoke to me on condition of anonymity, for fear of retribution to themselves and their animals.

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