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Sylvester? Nay, Marshmallow

In a case involving custody of a cat, a New York Court let the kitty…

Before Parkland: Prior Atrocities

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, pundits are looking at the perpetrator’s history…

NPR’s Article on Stray Dogs is Two Centuries Too Late

An article on NPR says that there is “No ‘Easy Answer’ To Growing Number Of…

Saving Zoey

A veterinarian may face disciplinary action for refusing to kill a dog. She should be…

Welcome Home

 An Animal Rights Perspective on Living with Dogs & Cats I am pleased to announce…

Protecting The Many & The Few

A truly harmonious relationship with them and with the environment of which they are a part is simply not possible so long as we continue to kill them or turn a blind eye to their suffering as a result of something as ultimately irrelevant as their color or how many of them exist.

Our Endless Well of Compassion

Our outrage over Cecil’s killing is good news for people, too.

VegNews’ Great Hypocrisy

Public anger over the killing of Cecil has driven calls for prosecution, shut down the poacher’s dental practice, caused the U.S. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to offer assistance in prosecuting the poacher Walter Palmer to the Zimbabwean government, and renewed calls for an end to “big game” hunting. But VegNews is admonishing people for doing so.

A Blessing & A Burden

With animals, we have the possibility of ending their suffering in a way the law, in most places, does not allow for humans. As such, we bear a tremendous responsibility.

Welcome Home

An Animal Rights Perspective on Living with Companion Dogs & Cats.