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Nevertheless, They Persisted

Jacki Moss and Diane Finley believe that every “shelter,” no matter how bad it may…

Kindness is a Two Way Street

A new study looked at the killing of dingoes as a method of protecting people…

Your Tax Dollars at Work

“Political Abuse, Corruption, Nepotism and Cronyism” costing animals their lives. Years ago, staff at the…

Factory Farming Dogs

A comparative look at shelter and puppy mill dogs.

On the One Hand; On the Other

How do you celebrate progress when animals are still being harmed by the very same institutions?

For the Love of Cats, Rats, and Birds

A situation that calls for circumspection, rather than cavalierness, and human ingenuity rather than human violence.

How To Be a Superhero for Animals

The newest guide from the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Michigan 2014

What An “Average” State Shows us About Sheltering in the U.S.

PETA Joins Hunters in New York to Declare Open Season on Cats

PETA has once again shown its true colors, this time aligning itself with a hunting organization in order to promote the round up and killing of community cats.

They Did It; So Can You

If you want something done right, do it yourself.