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What Pixar’s masterpiece says about how far the No Kill movement has come, how far…

Los Angeles: Declaring Victory Before Victory is Achieved

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council, America’s second largest city, “re-committed” to achieving a No…

‘Shop, Don’t Adopt,’ says Former ASPCA CEO

Former ASPCA CEO Ed Sayres argues that people should ‘shop, not adopt,’ that pet stores protect public safety, that shelter dogs are a threat, and that pit bulls in particular are a bigger danger to Americans than jihadi terrorists.

Rolling Back the Clock

These groups have become lobbyists for animal shelters, rather than lobbyists for the animals those shelters kill.

In Defense of “Keyboard Advocates”

By advocating with a keyboard, we can change hearts, minds, laws, and policies.

Best Friends Drops the Ball in Wisconsin

Seeks to weaken protections for shelter animals.

NKLA Sweeps Feral Cats Under the Rug

Study, rhetoric, fundraising, but no solutions for feral cats. No more coalitions that say you can’t criticize those who allow the killing to continue, that delay lifesaving long enough for memories of bold promises to fade, that assume every community in every city takes five magical years to get to No Kill, and that have endless resources but refuse to use them fully for their intended purpose.

Best Friends Wants You to Pat the Bunny

Why Best Friends is celebrating the architects of killing and those whose inept and uncaring leadership causes great animal suffering and cruelty.