Death Makes a Comeback

Without the force of law, animals remain at mortal risk in Austin, TX. Tucker was killed by Austin Animal Center despite a rescue group offer to save him, his former owner begging for custody, and department policy which permitted placement (but was ignored). In April of last year, for the first time since the Austin City Council passed the 2010 No Kill law, the placement rate for cats fell below 90%. Dozens of cats were…

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The Death of Austin

The New York City pound killed Austin, an emaciated and blind dog, who bit someone’s hand that he could not see approaching. No effort was made to rehabilitate him. Imagine what a dog pound is like for a scared dog. Imagine being caught on the street (often with a “catch-pole” or “control pole,” a hard-wired noose that is supposed to go around your upper torso, but is almost always misused to grab by the neck),…

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