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Ask Me Anything: Community Cat Edition

I get a lot of questions about animals on a wide variety of topics and…

PETA Donations Spent to Slaughter Kittens

PETA is using donations given to them under the mistaken belief that the organization will…

Demonizing Cats

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, ‘Cats smell, they are a nuisance,…

Community Cats… and Dogs

Whether the humane movement learns from this deeply tragic chapter in its history by refusing to allow these organizations to slow the acceptance of a better and brighter future for community dogs remains to be seen.

With Friends Like These….

The AVMA revises its policy on “Free-Roaming Abandoned and Feral Cats.”

D.C. Cats & Wildlife Still Under Threat

Agency proposes combination of “non-lethal and lethal control measures” to rid D.C. of cats, geese, and deer.

Cooing & Cuddling Cats Saves Lives

Cats who are gently petted and talked to by humans have a markedly lower chance of getting an upper respiratory infection.

PETA: Feral cats are better dead than fed

Yesterday, I reported how PETA is trying to kill pit bulls in shelters across the country. Now they are trying to ensure that “feral” cats continue to be killed in New York.

An Embrace of SNR, With Caveats

If we reformed shelters, SNR wouldn’t be the first choice for socialized community cats: redemption and adoption would be. It would and should, however, remain the last, because killing should never be a choice at all.

The Life of a Wild Cat

Nasty, brutish and short? No.