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The Death of P-47

A few weeks ago, National Park Service biologists in the Santa Monica Mountains tracked a…

The NY Times Becomes a Cheerleader for Animal Cruelty

I’m sorry for this photo. I really am. But this is from The New York…

Toward a Humane Environmentalism

A new analysis in the journal Biological Conservation calls for reform. To many environmentalists, animals…

A “shocking” proposal: It is ok to allow cats to go outside (sometimes)

Reggie Watts, the cat (not the comedian). Last week, I posted an article on Facebook…

For the Love of Cats, Rats, and Birds

A situation that calls for circumspection, rather than cavalierness, and human ingenuity rather than human violence.

Rejecting Arbitrary Labels

Fighting the war on nature.

2015: The Year of the Cat?

We’re making progress to be sure. But we have more work to do.

In Defense of Cats, Geese, and other D.C. Inhabitants

Washington, D.C. is not only considering a plan to round up and kill thousands of cats, but it is proposing a wholesale slaughter of geese and other animals, as well as trees and plants. On September 18, a City Council committee will take the issue up and my letter, written on behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center, opposing the plan is here.

The Jewels in Oakland’s Crown

In Defense of Eucalyptus Trees.

Rejecting Arbitrary Labels That Enable Great Harm

Fighting the Oakland, UC Berkeley & East Bay Regional Park District’s War on Nature.