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Imagine the Possibilities

The official motto of Muncie, IN, is “Imagine the Possibilities When We Work Together.” In…

Best Day Ever

45,000 animals who otherwise faced being killed were adopted in a single day, emptying shelters across the country, erasing one week’s worth of killing in the U.S., and making it the safest day for homeless animals in America ever.

The Evolution of a Great Idea

Just One Day is a campaign that asks shelters to stop killing on June 11 of every year.

Just One Day 2015

June 11 just may be the safest day for companion animals in shelters.

Is No Kill Going Mainstream?

Home 4 the Holidays, Just One Day, the Myth of Pet Overpopulation, the Six Freedoms, and the Million Cat Challenge in Context

PETA Can’t Go ‘Just One Day’ Without Promoting Killing

Condemns effort that saved as many as 10,000 shelters animals.

In Just One Day…

… We Saved Thousands of Animals From Slaughter

A Day to Remember

Lessons from the single, safest day for homeless animals in shelters this century.

A No Kill Nation for Just One Day

Over 700 shelters and other organizations, including some of the largest animal control shelters have pledged to make this the safest day for animals in shelters this century.

A National Day of No Kill

Help make June 11 the safest day for animals in shelters ever.