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Updated: PETA Trying to Get Away With Maya’s “Murder”

Part I: PETA tells a court that dogs are worthless and that stealing & killing…

PETA is Still Trying to Get Away With “Murder”

PETA officials thought they could get away with illegal killings. A Court will determine if they succeed.

PETA’s conduct “outrageous and intolerable”

PETA tells a court that a dog they killed was worthless.

PETA is Trying to Get Away with Murder

Your Help Needed to Stop Legislation Which Would Allow PETA to Continue Killing Thousands of Healthy Animals Every Year.

Your PETA Donation Dollars at Work

How many paid lobbyists does it take to kill thousands of animals a year?

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Where criticism of PETA gets it right and wrong.   This is Maya, playing with…

An Epic Failure of Oversight in Virginia

Celebration & Sober Reflection in the Passage of SB 1381 (& What You Can Do).

Maya Wasn’t The Only Animal PETA Killed That Day

Records from VDACS show that at least two kittens, one puppy, and two other dogs were also killed.