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Speaking for the Puppies of Los Angeles

  From the No Kill Advocacy Center: Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commission Department of Animal Services Dear Members of the Commission: The General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services is proposing to eliminate the policy that dogs in late-term pregnancy be spayed before they are released. As she noted in a 2013 memo to the Commission, “The spaying of late-term pregnant dogs results in puppies being born by the equivalent of a…

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Los Angeles: Declaring Victory Before Victory is Achieved

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council, America’s second largest city, “re-committed” to achieving a No Kill community. They claim they will have a 90% or better live release rate for dogs and cats by the end of this year. Let’s take a moment to celebrate what it means. First, it shows how far the No Kill movement has completely set the agenda on sheltering at the highest levels. Ten years ago, we demanded a 90%…

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