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Cooing & Cuddling Cats Saves Lives

Cats who are gently petted and talked to by humans have a markedly lower chance of getting an upper respiratory infection.

No Surprise: TNR Works

A new study shows TNR works. OK, you know that. That is neither a controversial nor new finding. In so many ways, it may even seem mundane. But the study will be very helpful to you as you advocate for TNR/SNR in your community because it offers plenty for government officials and bean counters who want the proof that it saves lives, reduces the number of free-roaming cats, and saves money.

An Embrace of SNR, With Caveats

If we reformed shelters, SNR wouldn’t be the first choice for socialized community cats: redemption and adoption would be. It would and should, however, remain the last, because killing should never be a choice at all.