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A World War on Cats

A call to exterminate cats in the continental U.S. “by any means necessary.”

PETA: ‘cats better off dead’

“An international animal rights organization believes the free-roaming cats that live under this borough’s boardwalk would be better off with a lethal injection than having to spend all their nine lives in the cruel outdoors.”

Community Cats… and Dogs

Whether the humane movement learns from this deeply tragic chapter in its history by refusing to allow these organizations to slow the acceptance of a better and brighter future for community dogs remains to be seen.

For the Love of Cats, Rats, and Birds

A situation that calls for circumspection, rather than cavalierness, and human ingenuity rather than human violence.

PETA’s Shell Game

PETA is rounding up healthy community cats and kittens and taking them to the police-run pound to be killed.

With Friends Like These….

The AVMA revises its policy on “Free-Roaming Abandoned and Feral Cats.”

2015: The Year of the Cat?

We’re making progress to be sure. But we have more work to do.

Should We TNR Dogs?

Read my article in The Huffington Post.

D.C. Cats & Wildlife Still Under Threat

Agency proposes combination of “non-lethal and lethal control measures” to rid D.C. of cats, geese, and deer.

Cooing & Cuddling Cats Saves Lives

Cats who are gently petted and talked to by humans have a markedly lower chance of getting an upper respiratory infection.