No Surprise: TNR Works

A new study shows TNR works. OK, you know that. That is neither a controversial nor new finding. In so many ways, it may even seem mundane. But the study will be very helpful to you as you advocate for TNR/SNR in your community because it offers plenty for government officials and bean counters who want the proof that it saves lives, reduces the number of free-roaming cats, and saves money.

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NKLA Sweeps Feral Cats Under the Rug

Study, rhetoric, fundraising, but no solutions for feral cats. No more coalitions that say you can’t criticize those who allow the killing to continue, that delay lifesaving long enough for memories of bold promises to fade, that assume every community in every city takes five magical years to get to No Kill, and that have endless resources but refuse to use them fully for their intended purpose.

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