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The “Deeply Superficial” Views of HSUS


After opposing many of the programs of the No Kill Equation for decades, the Humane Society of the United States finally admits that those programs are necessary to save lives. But they then turn around and tell shelters they don’t have to implement them if they do not want to. And they tell activists not to seek laws that will force shelters to do so. In effect, they are telling shelters to go ahead and kill animals if that is what they want to do.

Read “HSUS Tells Animal Shelters: Go Ahead and Kill Animals if You Want,” my latest article in The Huffington Post  by  clicking here.

Photo: The “feral cat” pen at a GA shelter. HSUS now says that programs like TNR are vital, but they should “remain at the discretion of each community to choose whether and how to implement.” This shelter “chose” not to implement TNR and killed these cats.


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