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The Monster Gets a Dog

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For years, the Humane Society of the United States accused No Kill advocates of lowering the quality of adoptive homes. Although we did no such thing, quantity and quality can go hand in hand, the truth is that no one can reduce the quality more than HSUS President Wayne Pacelle. How low can he go? To the very bottom.

Michael Vick beat dogs to death. He drowned them. He electrocuted them. He stomped on them. He hung them. He shot them. He buried them alive. And when some of his co-conspirators wanted to give away dogs who would not fight rather than kill them, Vick refused. In one case, a dog Vick tried to hang by placing a nylon cord over a board that was nailed to two trees refused to die. Wearing a pair of overalls he donned so he would not get blood from the dogs on his expensive, tailored suits, Vick took the dog down and drowned him. In the annals of history, Michael Vick will be remembered as the most notorious dog abuser and dog killer of our generation. But he didn’t stop doing those things because he realized they were wrong. In fact, he has never apologized for his crimes, claiming at one point that his “is a different kind of love” for dogs than most, and that he expressed that love in his own way—by hanging, drowning, electrocuting, beating to death and shooting them.

After the depths of Vick’s depravity and the extent of his crimes were fully revealed, he was convicted by the federal courts, sent to prison, banned from the National Football League (NFL), bankrupted and despised by the American people. His public image in tatters, nothing but a miracle could bring him back.

Against reason, compassion and decency, that miracle was delivered to him by a person who should have remained his most vocal and outspoken critic: Wayne Pacelle, head of the nation’s largest animal protection organization. Pacelle would embrace the person he simply calls “Mike” and fight to rehabilitate his image by arguing publicly that he deserved a second chance, even as he fought to have each and every one of “Mike’s” victims, the dogs who were still alive, killed. For Pacelle, Vick’s victims did not deserve the second chance their abuser did. And after Pacelle lobbied the court to kill the dogs, he then began lobbying everyone else to forgive the monster who abused them.

“We’re all sinners when it comes to animals,” explained Pacelle. Pacelle agreed with Vick’s statement that dog fighters express “a different kind of love” for dogs. And when Vick said he wanted to get another dog, Pacelle agreed, offering up the most stunning in a long line of stunning comments, “I have been around him a lot, and feel confident that he would do a good job as a pet owner.”

Michael Vick just revealed that he acquired a dog.

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Update: HSUS has issued a statement saying that Wayne Pacelle did speak with Vick about getting a dog, and “urged him” to adopt from a shelter or rescue group. Pacelle would go on to say publicly that he felt “confident [Vick] would do a good job as a pet owner.” They also claimed that a dog in the hands of a sadist who enjoys torturing and brutally killing dogs is not really “a major animal welfare issue.” In short, no big deal.


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