PetSmart Charities promotes a dystopian future where killing is the norm; a bill to curtail low cost sterilizations in Texas goes down to defeat; an Alabama bill that protects cruelty in puppy mills needs to meet the same fate but tragically looks likely to pass; two communities — one in Texas and one in Tennessee — join the 90% club; Liberty, MO, becomes the 24th city in the state to repeal their breed discriminatory law; people are spending more than ever before to care for their animals; a dog adopted to an abuser highlights the need for an “Animal Abuser Registry” in every state; a Canadian biotech company successfully creates a cat food made from “cultured meat” without killing; and, Pueblo, CO, back peddles on a lifesaving initiative while other cities move aggressively in the other direction.

In case you missed it:

And finally, after an incompetent contractor allowed 14 dogs to die in the shelter and state regulators stepped in, Pueblo, CO, officials threaten to repeal a law that mandated a 90% placement rate even though that law had nothing to do with the deaths. Meanwhile, most communities are moving in the other direction. The Austin, TX, City Council, for example, voted unanimously on a resolution to increase its minimum placement rate from 90% which it set in 2010 in favor of a 95% minimum placement rate in its city shelter. In fact, the City Council was talked down from a resolution embracing a 99% placement rate consistent with the success of Austin itself, which surpassed 95% in 2016 and achieved a 98% placement rate in 2018. And they are not the only ones.

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