Adoptions are up, buying animals is down, and killing is way down. All dogs are welcome again in Cabot, AR. The last remaining puppy-mill fueled pet store is closing in Sarasota. An anti-pit bull, pro-killing vision of the future by PetSmart Charities is stopped for now, but it likely won’t be for long. And animals are suffering horrifically and dying because of gross incompetence and indifference at the Hillsborough County, FL, pound.

In case you missed it:

And finally, two dogs are dead this week because of gross indifference and incompetence of the pound staff in Hillsborough County, Florida. Clyde died in what was described by a local veterinarian as a “very painful event.” Clyde ate a blanket, but for six days, pound staff did nothing while the blanket worked its way into the dog’s intestines. “It had tore his intestines apart.” Lola, another dog, bled to death after a botched spay in her kennel. They are not the only ones to suffer horrifically. Prior reports found that other animals have been left to suffer or have been cruelly killed, while animal outcome records were doctored to make it appear the pound was doing a better job than it was.

All of this occurred under the neglectful supervision of Scott Trebatoski, who is a frequent speaker at the Best Friends Animal Society Conference and is a founding member of Maddie’s Fund Pet Forum team even though allegations of this nature about Trebatoski have existed for years.

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