Jacksonville falls out of the 90% Club. Coming off its best year ever, Austin looks for new leadership. “See something; Say Something” may soon be the law in Ohio regarding animal cruelty. Michigan may mandate adoption for dogs and cats used in research. No Kill becomes a political campaign issue in Amarillo, TX. Why PETA’s “no birth” nation mantra is deceptive. Rhetoric vs. reality for South Bend dogs and cats under Mayor Buttigieg. A half dozen states are vying to follow the lead of California and Maryland by ending the sale of commercially-bred dogs and cats in pet stores. A Gotcha Day celebration for three rescued fish. And The New York Times promotes a hypocritical, cruel celebration of cat killing in Australia.

In case you missed it:

And finally, The New York Times is cheerleading an Australian slaughter of up to 2,000,000 cats by peddling it as a scientifically-based public policy worth pursuing, dismissing the concerns of ethical people all over the world as misguided and “emotional.” They got it backwards. The piece, replete with photos of cats being gutted, is a cruel, hypocritical celebration of mindless killing.

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