Protecting animals from cruelty, the NYC pound alters computer records, legislation pending in New Jersey would be a death sentence for animals, the end of BSL, the 153rd anniversary of the founding of the first humane society in North America, and protecting Long Beach animals from PETA.

In case you missed it:

And finally, legislation pending in New Jersey would require all dogs to have “a complete behavioral and psychological assessment” that includes “a safety and temperament certification.” That’s a death sentence without making anyone safer as there is not a single temperament test used to evaluate shelter dogs that is reliable in predicting behavior. In fact, the authors of the most comprehensive study to date (analyzing 25 years of research) called for a moratorium on their use. It found that some of the tests were wrong as much as 84% of the time (a combination of poor tests and poor testing practices by pound workers).

The bill also requires “a complete medical examination by a State licensed veterinarian… before the animal is adopted” to certify that the animals does not have a host of conditions, including “loose stools.” Diarrhea is not uncommon due to the stress of the shelter, a change in diet (which all animals face in shelters), or a host of treatable conditions. Although the bill itself does not require killing for “loose stools,” that will be the practical effect in pounds that have not embraced a culture of lifesaving and are looking for excuses to kill animals.

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