Shortly, legislation will be introduced in New York to mandate community cat sterilization instead of killing; to ban discrimination based on “breed” in adoption; to provide prompt and necessary veterinary care, social enrichment, exercise; to ensure that animals are no longer hidden in the back and quietly killed; and to empower rescue groups. Tragically, we know that PETA will oppose it, given that their employees are schooled in the belief — and act upon the belief — that animals want to die and should be killed, but what will the ASPCA do? What will HSUS do? What will Best Friends do? They have killed such legislation in the past. But it is a new day, a new bill, a new era when their cynical arguments against shelter reform no longer have traction. Will they help us? Or will they once again consign tens of thousands of Kitbulls to their deaths?

In case you missed it:

Alabama, Missouri, Washington, and Texas are on the map! The following communities are part of the 90% Club, an important milestone on the road to No Kill.

And speaking of Texas, Austin and Travis County, TX, remain the largest community by human population and total shelter intakes in the 90% Club. Despite taking in over 16,000 dogs and cats and serving well over 1,000,000 people, Austin reported a 99% placement rate for dogs and 96% for cats.


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