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And finally, the ASPCA is lobbying for animals to die. The ink is not yet dry on New York State shelter reform legislation, the bill doesn’t even have a number yet, and Matt Bershadker, the ASPCA’s CEO, is already spending donor funds to kill it. By contrast, Delaware passed similar legislation in 2010, resulting in placement rates of over 90% of animals. Indeed, the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare, the state agency that oversees Delaware’s shelters, writes that the law “has saved thousands of animals that would have otherwise been euthanized due to outdated policies and practices.” Austin, TX, did the same and places 98% of dogs and 96% of cats. Muncie, IN, passed it and places 99% of animals. The ASPCA is working to ensure that the animals of New York State do not enjoy the same protections, the same care, the same outcomes.

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