A foster parent is needed for these little gems in Rowan County.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In case you missed it:

First the Good:

Then the Bad:

And, finally, the Ugly:

Leaked video shows “the moment a dog at the [New York C]ity’s pound was dragged to [his] death. The video shows NYCACC pound workers “using two leashes to drag a whimpering dog to the euthanasia room. The New York Post says the “pit bull pup [is] being dragged on the floor before getting up and stumbling into the shelter’s kill room, while other dogs in the background loudly howl and bark…”

It is not the pound’s only scandal. “The center has come under fire in the past over its animal kill list — which gives condemned pets just 18 hours to get adopted before they are put down…

“The center is also being investigated by the New York State Attorney General, which is probing it for euthanizing dozens of dogs and cats mere days after having them undergo painful neutering.” These are the faces of NYCACC’s “Spay Neuter Kill” victims.

Moreover, NYCACC fudges its numbers to make it appear it is doing a better job than it is.

Mayor de Blasio’s Administration railroaded taxpayers into a 34-year billion dollar contract with NYCACC to maintain the status quo until 2052.

And the ASPCA is lobbying to fight reform efforts and thus maintain the status quo of neglect, abuse, and killing at NYCACC.

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