Star, ‘the unluckiest dog in Scotland,’ finds a home after five years. ‘To see the way he looks at his new dad with such trust and love makes the long search for Star worth it.’

A community cat sterilization program reduces killing by 83%. Ewing, NJ, is a member of the 90% Club. Connecticut is seeking to ban the retail sales of commercially-bred dogs and cats in pet stores. The “unluckiest dog in Scotland” gets adopted. Cats are as smart as dogs. The Detroit Police Department operates as a “dog death squad” according to a lawsuit. And dog pounds are unfairly labeling scared dogs “aggressive” and killing them when treating them kindly saves their lives.

In case you missed it:

And finally, dog pounds are killing scared dogs by claiming they are “aggressive” because those dogs are failing their temperament evaluations. In one pound, as many as 82% of scared dogs failed their test and were therefore tagged for killing. A new study, however, found that just being spoken to softly, given treats, petted, and played with can result in dogs passing those tests. After just five days of being treated kindly, “nearly all” fearful dogs passed the test at the same pound. Without enrichment, pounds are setting dogs up for failure. And death.

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