Facebook “is failing to protect innocent animals from abuse and possible death” because it refuses to block and remove pages promoting dog fighting on its platform. Over 450 animals find homes in Harris County, TX, when it asks the community for help. Dogs identified as “pit bulls” are welcome again in Kansas City, KS. The New York City pound killed Austin, an emaciated and blind dog, who bit someone’s hand that he could not see approaching. Meet Sam Orgill, the most famous dog you never heard of. An article in Conservation Biology says blaming and killing cats for environmental harm done by humans is wrong and unscientific. Courts declare Will provisions mandating the death of healthy animal illegal by ruling that they violate public policy against wickedness. And 20 dogs died at the hands of the ASPCA this month after it transported them in an “inhumane” manner.

In case you missed it:

And finally, 20 dogs died at the hands of the ASPCA this month. The “dogs died while the nonprofit was transporting them from a site in Mississippi to one in Wisconsin…” The ASPCA does not know “where along the trip the dogs died.” That means no one checked on the dogs on the 1,000-mile trip between the time they left Mississippi and arrived, dead, in Wisconsin, roughly 14 hours later assuming no delays and no “pit stops.” While we wait for the results of the ASPCA’s internal investigation, one thing is certain according to experts. Given that the ASPCA does not know where the dogs died along the route, it is clear that they were not afforded minimal protections during the roughly 14 hour drive. “It’s inhumane,” says a transporter who has carried 6,000 dogs without incident. If he is right, it should also be criminal.

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