The San Francisco city pound turns its back on abandoned kittens during the coronavirus pandemic. Tragically, they are not the only ones as pounds across the country are closing their doors or otherwise abandoning their mission by hiding behind the advice — or the lead — of national groups such as the ASPCA, the National Animal Control Association, and Million Cat Challenge. Other animals are suffering, too, including in zoos and on farms (more so than usual). But there are bright spots as progressive shelters across the country are embracing ingenuity, a “can do” attitude, and technology to save the animals with unprecedented results. Many are completely empty for the first time in their history thanks to adopters, foster parents, and rescuers.

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While hospitals and others on the front lines of the current pandemic work heroically to care for people, national “animal protection” groups and many local “shelters” which should likewise be on the front lines for animals, are instead abdicating their responsibilities. For example:

Tragically, dogs and cats are not the only animals in peril. A German zoo, for example, is threatening to kill resident animals and feed them to other resident animals.

But there are some bright spots. Across the country, progressive shelters are embracing ingenuity, a “can do” attitude, and technology to save the animals, while also protecting the public and shelter workers during the pandemic.

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