Best Friends falsely claims that Delaware is a No Kill state. Colorado placed 90% of dogs and 88% of cats, an improvement over one year prior. August 17 will be the best day ever as over 80,000 animals are expected to find homes. The “beginning of the end for the beef industry.” The EPA authorizes the use of chemical bombs to kill animals. How to make your community No Kill. And the world is a more diminished place now that Gary Bean is no longer in it: a tribute to a man, his bolt cutters, and a dog named Maggie.

In case you missed it:

And finally, Gary Bean died this month. I didn’t know Gary, but the world is a far more diminished place now that he is no longer in it. In an obituary published in his hometown paper, his friend writes,

To the owner of the big skinny dog that disappeared from your North Knoxville front yard where you had chained her to a picnic table:

Gary Bean stole her.

He was working in your neighborhood and would slow down and look every time he’d drive past your house. He considered talking to you about it, but you were never around, and it didn’t take him long to decide that anybody mean enough to treat a dog like that wasn’t worth talking to anyway, so he applied bolt cutter to chain, loaded her into his truck and went on the lam.

She had a home and a new name by the weekend. Her new people called her Maggie and loved her for the rest of her life, which was doubtless way longer than it would have been if she’d stayed chained to your picnic table. That was many years ago, and the dog stealing statute has long since run, so there’s nothing you can do about it now, if you’re still around.

And even if you are, Gary’s out of your reach. He died last Thursday without ever once regretting setting Maggie free. Truth to tell, you probably weren’t his only victim. Gary never met a critter he didn’t love and wasn’t about to let technicalities stop him from acting on his convictions…

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P.S. A reminder that the No Kill Advocacy Center is celebrating its 15th birthday and 15 years of saving lives. We now have No Kill communities across the country and they all achieved it using our approach. For the animals who live in those cities and towns and for the people who love them, we are making a life and death difference. Please consider a small gift of $15.


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