Pit bulls are welcome again in Yorkville, WI. A candidate for President of the United States promises the creation of a No Kill nation as part of his platform. California agrees to build the world’s largest land bridge to help a lonely mountain lion find a mate. Killing is down over 90% in Delaware thanks to a shelter reform law that would achieve the same result in every state which passes it. The Philadelphia pound is an “utter disgrace” with filthy cages and “fetid air.” A former PETA fieldworker is the latest whistleblower to bring to light her indoctrination into a “cult-like” culture of killing. “Conservations” call for the mass killing of dogs worldwide. And 103,370 animals found homes during the Clear the Shelters adoption event, making last weekend the safest for homeless animals in America by far.

In case you missed it:

And finally, 103,370 animals found homes during the weekend’s Clear the Shelters adoption event in which thousands of shelters across the country participated. Since the event specifically targets municipal pounds, most of these are animals who otherwise faced being killed. That erases almost three weeks worth of killing in the United States and makes the weekend the safest for homeless animals in America by far.

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P.S. A reminder that the No Kill Advocacy Center is celebrating its 15th birthday and 15 years of saving lives. We now have No Kill communities across the country and they all achieved it using our approach. For the animals who live in those cities and towns and for the people who love them, we are making a life and death difference. Please consider a small gift of $15.


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