The U.S. Department of Transportation rejects Delta Air Line’s ban on pit bulls as service animals. Tesla introduces Dog Mode which promises to end the era of dogs dying in cars due to excessive temperatures. The Los Angeles County pound is trying to fend off criticism for killing by hiding behind a new campaign called “Socially Conscious Animal Sheltering,” a euphemism for the cruel status quo. A new book explains how Huntsville, AL, went from a 24% placement rate to over 90% and what it means for your community. Florida is trying to ban the declawing of cats. Four more New Jersey communities are in the 90% Club. A plant-based burger is now available at all Burger King locations. Redemption, my No Kill documentary, is available free on YouTube. And why we have a duty to make the lives of wild animals, like Tony the squirrel (pictured here), better.

In case you missed it:

And finally, while squirrels can live up to 20 years, the average lifespan in the wild is less than one year, with only 20% surviving past their first birthday. Nature can be brutal, a point in fact conveniently ignored when the argument is made that we shouldn’t feed wild animals. Not only do we have a duty to protect wildlife, to protect their habitat, and to assist them when they are injured, but we have an affirmative obligation to try to make their lives better.

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P.S. A reminder that the No Kill Advocacy Center is celebrating its 15th birthday and 15 years of saving lives. We now have No Kill communities across the country and they all achieved it using our approach. For the animals who live in those cities and towns and for the people who love them, we are making a life and death difference. Please consider a small gift of $15.


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