One of the nation’s largest companies has gone to the dogs. The top 10 stories of 2019. A first-in-the-nation law to ban housing discrimination for people who live with animal companions. It is never too late to find a loving home. Legislation to ban convenience killing in pounds will soon be introduced in New York. Why so-called “animal protection” groups oppose laws that are currently saving over 60,000 animals a year. Massachusetts bans hunting contests to kill coyotes and other wild animals. And finally, PETA’s lawsuit to bully those who report on their killing (including me) collapses.

In case you missed it:

And finally, in 2017, PETA filed a lawsuit against several reporters and critics of their killing. The lawsuit alleged a grand, paranoid conspiracy to attack PETA. The lawsuit included various “co-conspirators” they claimed were involved, including a family they paid $49,000 in a legal settlement after they were caught taking and illegally killing their dog (Maya); the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office, which arrested the PETA representatives; the Virginia Attorney General’s Office which launched an animal crimes unit in response to the killing of Maya; and various others, including the No Kill Advocacy Center, my organization, and me, the author of a series of articles about PETA’s killing, which culminated in the book, Why PETA Kills.

That case has completed collapsed as PETA has dismissed the lawsuit, spending tens of thousands of dollars of donor funds on attorneys, including one of the largest and most expensive law firms in the country, that achieved exactly nothing. In the end, it was a complete and utter rout. PETA’s baseless, legally inept, scare tactic masquerading as a lawsuit was dismissed without any concessions. Moreover, it broke new ground protecting animals, journalists, and the First Amendment.


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