After Sioux City, IA, repealed its “pit bull” ban, pitty puppies are being adopted out to residents for the first time in years. The New York City pound illegally killed a microchipped dog, driving by the family’s house on the way to put her to death. The ASPCA and Maddie’s Fund are teaming up to fight shelter reform legislation that would save lives, arguing that making sure “shelters” that kill “don’t look bad” is more important than stopping them from killing. Over 1,000,000 animals in shelters will find homes during the holiday season. The Los Angeles County pound is investigating itself for mislabeling a friendly, young, healthy, and already neutered cat “feral” and “unadoptable” in order to kill him. And the New York City pounds falsifies government records in order to illegally kill two senior dogs.

In case you missed it:

And finally, it is a crime to falsify government records. It is also tantamount to animal cruelty to kill animals in violation of law. And yet that is what officials at the New York City pound appeared to have done when, in two separate incidents, they falsely claimed lost senior dogs, Mr. Magoo and Lila, were irremediably suffering, putting them to death the very day they entered the pound despite a mandated stray holding period. When the family of each dog came to claim their dogs, they were told they were already dead.

But don’t expect any criminal charges. Don’t expect anyone to lose their jobs. Don’t expect any official reprimand. Don’t expect any policy changes. Despite the fact that New York City is the most cosmopolitan city in the country, the center of the nation’s wealth, and has a budget in excess of $90 billion, its pound operates at a substandard level. It is neglectful. It has a history of abuse. It fails to hold its staff accountable. It refuses to embrace a culture of lifesaving. And it kills with impunity.


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