“Euthanasia numbers of shelter dogs have decreased by 63% in the last seven years in Virginia,” with the exception of PETA. After banning their sale in pet stores, Maryland is trying ban the internet sale of commercially-bred animals and the transport of dogs and cats into or within the state for purposes of retail sale. New Hampshire and Minnesota are trying to become the fourth and fifth states to ban the retail sale of commercially-bred animals in pet stores. Dogs identified as “pit bulls” are welcome again in Junction City, KS. Two states are considering legislation to give tenants the right to live with a dog, cat, or other animal companion. Hardin County reported a placement rate of 94% for dogs and 94% for cats. And Alexandria, VA, reported a placement rate of 92% for dogs and 94% for cats.

In case you missed it:

And finally, I spent most of the week answering questions on everything from “do you support transporting animals to other states,” “how do you know when it is time to euthanize a dying animal,” “how do we effectively counter the nativist ideology that seeks to kill plants and animals deemed ‘non-native,’” to “are you opposed to killing dogs based on behavior,” “why do some vegans oppose No Kill and why do some No Kill advocates oppose veganism,” and so much more.


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