Kittens available for adoption at the Ames (Iowa) Animal Shelter.

Lake County, FL, reported a placement rate of 99% for dogs and 93% for cats. Ames, IA, reported a placement rate of 99% for dogs, 96% for cats, and 100% for rabbits. Flathead County, MT, reported a placement rate of 97% for dogs and 95% for cats. A new law being considered in New York would give people a $125 per animal tax credit for adopting a dog or cat from a shelter. A new law in Maine allows judges to appoint an attorney advocate for animals in cruelty cases. Gilbert, AZ, is threatening to jail a 64-year-old man for feeding community cats. Legislation in Colorado and Florida has been introduced to legitimize pound killing (and the neglect and cruelty which often precede it). Virginia legislators heard testimony on a bill which would require shelters in that state to maintain a minimum 50% placement rate. And France and Germany ban the live-shredding of baby chicks, a common practice in the egg industry, while KFC expands its plant-based “chicken” to over 100 markets as part of a national roll-out.

In case you missed it:

And finally, every year, six billion baby male chicks are ground up alive in giant macerators because they serve no purpose to the egg and “broiler” chicken industry. But France just announced that live-shredding of baby chicks will be banned starting next year. It is working with Germany, which also banned it, to find a replacement. Thankfully, a German University has developed a technique that can sex eggs before they hatch. Meanwhile, KFC has announced it is expanding its plant-based bucket of “chicken” to over 100 markets across the U.S. this month as it begins a national rollout. All in all, this progress means a little less brutality for the most abused and slaughtered animal in the world.


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