A Federal Court has upheld a ban on the sale of fur in San Francisco. Footwear companies like Nike are illegally selling shoes made of kangaroo skin in California. Lessons from a banana slug rescue. The number of communities in the 90% Club is increasing. And finally, celebrities who embrace PETA may be motivated by saving chickens, cows, and pigs, but they are throwing dogs, cats, and rabbits under the bus to do so.

In case you missed it:

The number of communities in the 90% Club — an important milestone on the road to No Kill — is increasing, including:

And finally, quarterback Cam Newton is using his celebrity to promote the vegan diet, but unfortunately, he is doing so through PETA, even though PETA kills healthy puppies, kittens, and others. They’ve also stolen and killed people’s pets. To save chickens, cows, and pigs — a noble and worthwhile goal — we do not have to legitimize an organization that has committed life-ending violence on over 40,000 dogs and cats. All have a right to live.


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