On the upside: New York has become the first state in the country to make the declawing of cats illegal. Wayne, West Milford, and Perth Amboy, NJ, are members of the 90% Club. And a squirrel demands his nuts.

On the downside: St. Louis County officials boasted of lower kill rates, but it was based on a lie. The New York City pound causes the brutal death of a dog. And Montgomery’s “humane” society illegally kills a family’s dog.

Finally, why both the data nationally and hundreds of communities conclusively prove that “shelter” killing is a choice.

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And finally, animals are not dying in “shelters” because there are too many or because there are too few homes or because people don’t want the kinds of animals in those “shelters.” They are dying for one reason: because people in “shelters” are killing them. Replace those people, implement the proven programs and services of the No Kill Equation, and we can be a No Kill nation today.

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