Michigan has more communities placing over 90% of dogs and cats in its shelters than any other state in the country and half of those are placing at least 97%. When pounds claim they are “saving lives,” most of the time it’s a euphemism. A court victory for shelter reformers, volunteers, rescuers, and especially the animals they serve. Animals will get their own lawyers and community cats will get greater protections if legislation in Michigan is passed. California widens the safety net for animals. And there’s been a 90% drop in U.S. pound killing; here’s why and how it happened.

In case you missed it:

And finally, there’s been a 90% drop in the pound killing of U.S. dogs and cats since the 1970s. Its been called “the single biggest success of the modern animal protection movement.” There are many reasons why and how this happened, but the single most important factor is that pounds are changing the way they operate.

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