A 700% increase in California lifesaving. Legislation to ban the retail sale of milled dogs and cats advances in Rhode Island. The New York City pound has failed to meet promised deadlines for lifesaving since 2005. Finding homes for all the lives at risk in U.S. pounds. Treating dogs kindly reduces stress in shelters. A Colorado pound returns a dog to a rescue group in a garbage bag. An Animal Farm Foundation podcast calls for killing all but “the best” dogs. And Austin kills a dog out of spite, despite his former rescuer begging managers to spare his life.

In case you missed it:

And finally, Austin Animal Center recently killed Tucker (pictured here) who had three places to go: a local non-profit organization; a trainer/rescuer out of state; and Tucker’s former family. The official justification for his killing is “behavior” or “aggression.” Tucker had a bite history. The real cause of death appears to be spite. This is the story of his short life and tragic death. It is also the story of the rescuer who once lived with Tucker, wanted him back, and begged indifferent shelter managers for his life. The dysfunction in our animal shelter system doesn’t just hurt animals. It hurts people, too.

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