Buffalo Grove, IL, bans the retail sale of commercially-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits. New York City pound officials say giving rescuers only 18 hours in the middle of the night to save animals is “no big deal,” even as it cost an eight-month old dog her life. It’s time to ban housing discrimination for people whose families include animal companions. Death makes a comeback in Austin. In calling for the killing of all but “the best” dogs, there’s a growing divide between those who want to build a bridge to our No Kill future and those who continue to dig trenches to the past. And California won’t force its pounds to stop killing, but will codify euphemisms that try to gloss over it.

In case you missed it:

And finally, the heads of some of the most regressive pounds in California succeeded in changing California law to replace the word pound with “shelter” which they say creates a “negative stigma.” They previously changed the word kill to “euthanize.” Our government has more important things to do than make these poundmasters feel better about the killing that they do, like forcing them to stop killing.

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