Santa Rosa County (FL) Animal Shelter is empty for the first time ever. The animal shelter of Sullivan County, TN, is empty. And the dog kennels at the shelter in Jefferson County, WI, are empty, as people rise up to help animals in shelters during this shared crisis. The Los Angeles County Health Department shuts down Santa Anita’s racetrack saving the lives of horses. Kitbull, a film about a feral kitten and chained dog, wins an award for Best Short film. National voices in sheltering, including the National Animal Control Association, are wrongly demanding that shelters “just stop” performing TNR during the current Covid-19 crisis, deeming it a “non essential” service. And legislation has been introduced in New York that creates a new reason to kill: “mental suffering.” 

In case you missed it:

Across the country, progressive shelters are embracing ingenuity, a “can do” attitude, and technology to save the animals, while also protecting the public and shelter workers: For example:

In other news:

And finally, legislation has been introduced in New York that creates a new reason to kill: “mental suffering.” All animals can experience stress on entry to a pound. Many of these animals are used to sleeping on beds and couches or even living on the street and will find their familiar routines upended in a confined place that is loud, dirty, unfamiliar, and disorienting. S8029 would allow shelters to kill these animals, rather than mandating time to acclimate and/or that they be socialized, transferred to rescuers, or adopted into homes. Not only is this a real and immediate threat to shy and scared animals, as well as feral cats, but it is a first-of-its-kind, very dangerous precedent to introduce in the animal control laws of our nation.


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