Blaze (pictured here) was “accidentally” killed by a pound when employees put him “in the wrong kennel.” Pigeon Appreciation Day is a reminder that “shelters” are no safe haven for them, too. Hawaii is no paradise for animals, but can be. Most of the world’s meat will no longer come from slaughtered animals. Burger King launches a plant-based whopper. No Kill Day celebrates the achievement of the first No Kill community. The death toll climbs as more horses die at Santa Anita. And Animal Farm Foundation gives voice to a former ASPCA official who wants “shelters” to kill more “behavior” dogs, wants rescuers to stop saving them, and gives people permission to kill their own dogs.

In case you missed it:

And finally, Animal Farm Foundation’s recent podcast interviewing a former ASPCA “Director of Animal Behavior” and euphemistically entitled “We Need to Talk About Behavior Euthanasia” is, without a doubt, the single worst commentary on sheltering in ages. The guest called for “shelters” to kill more “behavior” dogs, said rescuers should stop saving them, and gave people permission to kill their own dogs. AFF hosts either agreed with the guest or failed to challenge her. I was not the only one to express “horror.”

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