A Texas shelter goes “from 100% kill rate to zero.” Volunteers file a First Amendment lawsuit against the St. Louis County pound. An apartment boom in Charlotte, NC, is leaving families with dogs behind. Austin, TX, passes a first-in-the-nation law protecting full-term, unborn puppies and kittens. It’s been 10 years since the ASPCA killed Oreo, an abused dog, despite a rescue plea and roughly 250,000 others were likewise killed since. Paying community cat caretakers is cost-effective and helps reduce killing. Quiznos and Mars join the plant-based revolution. And finally, a criminal indictment against the former Hamilton County, NJ, pound boss for animal cruelty and official misconduct.

In case you missed it:

And finally, the former head of the Hamilton Township, NJ, pound has been indicted on animal cruelty and official misconduct charges after he killed hundreds of animals before the end of their holding period in violation of state law. According to volunteers, he also killed dogs out of revenge after they started asking questions. “They did not want anybody poking around into what happens at the shelter. They wanted to collect their paychecks, collect their pension, collect their overtime and not be bothered with actually caring for these animals.” Sound familiar?

Shelter animals are not dying because there are too many or too few homes or people don’t want these animals. They are dying because people in “shelters” are killing them. Replace those people, implement the No Kill Equation, and we can be a No Kill nation today.


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