The No Kill Advocacy Center has model legislation to ban continuous chaining of dogs. A new Connecticut law results in courts taking animal abuse cases more seriously. Dogs identified as “pit bulls” are welcome again in Kennewick, WA. If legislation soon to be introduced in Florida becomes law, killing animals in the face of a rescue alternative will be illegal. Another horse has been killed at Santa Anita. In addition to thousands of horses being killed on the racetrack across the U.S., thousands more go from the track to the slaughterhouse and end up on dinner plates in Europe and Asia. The Mayor’s Alliance of New York City ⁠has falsely announced that the City is No Kill. Seoul, the largest city in South Korea and the nation’s capital, is free of dog slaughterhouses. A speech-language pathologist has created a device that allows her dog to tell her exactly what she wants. And finally, with Wendy’s new Plantiful Burger launch in Canada, all major fast food outlets have or are testing plant-based options.

In case you missed it:

And finally, the success of Burger King’s plant-based Impossible Whopper has not gone unnoticed. Virtually all major fast food outlets look set to have plant-based options now or in the near future, including McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., KFC, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Red Robin, Bareburger, White Castle, Chipotle, Habit Burger, Shake Shack, Qdoba, and more. As KFC noted when it test marketed “Kentucky fried plant-based chicken,” people have been demanding it from fast food restaurants and those restaurants “have been happy to oblige, and pleased with the results.” Even Disneyland has announced 400 new vegan options at the Magic Kingdom. Until recently, the one holdout appeared to be Wendy’s, but executives at the company have apparently read the writing on the wall. They have just launched a plant-based burger called the Plantiful in some Canadian locations, often a precursor to a U.S. rollout.


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